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Tulsi Indisches Basilikum BIO 15g


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Tulsi (Indian basil) BIO - 15g

Indian Basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum), Tulsi or Holy Basil is native to tropical and subtropical Asia.
Tulsi has long been cultivated in Asia and used in the kitchen as a fragrant spice or tea, or in medicine and aromatherapy.

Tulsi belongs to the family of labiates, is a 1m high shrub with finely haired twigs and toothed leaves growing on short stems. The bell-shaped, white flowers stand in false whorls in 6-8cm long ears.

All plant parts growing above the ground are harvested fresh in early summer, when the flowers have not yet fully opened and the concentration of active substances is highest. 
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Tulsi Indian Basil BIO 15g