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Organic Cleaner

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Every journey has an end because, at some point, every adventure has to make way for the next. Even the vaporizer has to be brought back in shape. This is no problem, because with the Smono Cleaner in BIO quality, the steamer and its accessories are quickly prepared for the next venture.

The concentrate is very efficient and cleans with little physical effort. For 100 ml hot water only 5-10 ml cleaner are needed. The best results are achieved by waiting until the added cleaner has visibly dissolved in the water.

After 10 minutes of treatment, the accessories are ready for thorough rinsing. Rubbing or brushing is not necessary because of the independent cleaning formula. Suitable for all materials.

Please always remove electronic components in order not to damage the device.

Composition: Combination of surfactants, salts of organic acids and solubilizers. Free of phosphates, solvents, caustic alkalis and acids.

Contents: 100ml

100% biodegradable

Made in Germany

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