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Measuring just 50mm x 27,3mm x 81mm, the Smono 3.2 is the most handy of the Smono series. Its compact design allows it to be taken on trips without sacrificing too much storage space. The mouthpiece is made of hygienic glass and the case has a soft touch surface that doesn't show finger marks. Unique for this size is its modern convection heating system. The herb is not heated itself, but the previously heated air flows through the material. This gentle system generates softer steam and uses the material more efficiently. The operation of the SMONO 3.2 is deliberately simple with only 3 buttons. In the detailed instructions, lovingly detailed drawings were inserted in order to explain the function more descriptively.

New version 3.2

  • closed convection heating system
  • complete and stepless temperature regulation from 170°C-210°C
  • USB charging in less than 2 hours

Glass mouthpiece

The SMONO 3.2 has a high-quality glass mouthpiece with an integrated glass cylinder. Two colored LEDs with in the viewing window indiocate when the optimal steam temperature has been reached. The mouthpiece dan be easily taken apart for cleaning.

OLED display

The OLED display shows all important information at a glance. In addition to the battery display, both the desired and current temperatures are displayed. You can select Fahrenheit or Celsius. Operation is particulary easy, with a start button, as well as a + and a - button. The timer automatically switches off the SMONO 3.2 after 4 minutes to ensure your safety.


Waxes and oils

In addition to herbs, the SMONO 3.2 can also evaporate oils and soft waxes. For this purpose, a glass chamber is included in the delivery, which is particularly simple to clean. This can be filled in advance and then placed in the SMONO 3.2 heating chamber.




  • latest Smono Vape 3.2 with USB cable
  • floral storage box with instructions in German and English
  • tamping tool, cleaning brush, and tweezers
  • quartz glass capsule for oils/waxes
  • mouthpiece seal, including sieve

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